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“A must read with wonderfully vivid portrayals of life in Jamaica in the early 20th century, and the intoxicating excitement of New York during the Jazz Age. I’m eager to read more about the Buckley family as their children grow up in New York and experience the Great Depression, World War II, the Civil Rights  Movement … I really hope that Pringle continues the journey of this wonderful family.”
—Nicole Wilson, California
"Is it a novel? Is it biography? It doesn't matter. This beautifully written story of a family's joys and travails on the island of Jamaica in the early twentieth-century, and that family's struggle to make a new life in New York City just after the World War I, is fascinating reading on both personal and historical levels.
     In the current era, when Americans are so concerned and conflicted about immigrants and how they will affect the country, it's wonderful to get the perspective on how one large, ambitious family said goodbye to their native island and struggled to make themselves anew. That story continues to this day, almost a century later."
—Bob Myrstad, New York
A short selection from Ginga’ Root Tea

Jamaica, Early 1900s

... “The parlor is over there,” Walter said, pointing offhandedly. “The sitting room and dining room are back there, and the kitchen and a room for storage beyond.” 
     Isabel nodded. But there was hardly time to sort out all the rooms. At Rose Hall, she and her four sisters all slept together. “H’it hard to imagine a mon live here by himself,” Isabel said, looking up to the second floor level. 
     “The next time you come I’ll show you the upstairs,” Walter said as he escorted Isabel out the front door. “But for now, I better get you back to Celia’s.” 
     It was a short ride back to where Isabel was staying, but Walter took a longer route. Isabel sang a familiar tune to the clip-clop sound of the horses’ hooves. 
     “Such a sweet soprano voice you have,” Walter said as he joined in. When they finished the song,        Walter pulled up on the reins, stopping the horses. 
     “Look, it’s a full moon,” he said. When Isabel did not respond, Walter touched her hand. “Isn’t it beautiful?” 
     “My Aunt Rosie say . . .” Isabel paused. 
     “What does Aunt Rosie say?” Walter asked. 
     “She say—” Isabel hesitated again, afraid to show her lack of sophistication. “She say de full moon, h’it bring out de crazy people.” 
     “Ha!” Walter laughed. But he stopped when he saw the serious look on her face. “Who could be crazier, dear Isabel, than a man in love?” Walter placed a light kiss on her lips. 
     Isabel blushed. “Celia will be missing me if we nuh hurry along, Mr. Buckley.” 
     “Well, then, let’s not keep your friend waiting,” Walter replied. He grabbed the reins and shouted jovially to his team “Hee-yah!” 
     Upon arriving at Celia’s home, Walter directed Isabel away from the front door. 
     “No, that way leads to the garden,” she said. 
     “Oh, is that so?” Walter asked slyly. “Then I suppose that’s where we must go.” 
     At a bench near a fountain, Walter brushed aside leaves and dirt. “Sit mi dear,” he said. Walter took a deep breath, then got down on one knee. 
     “Miss Isabel Hanson,” he said, pulling a small box from his jacket pocket. 
     “Yes, Mr. Buckley?” 
     “Will you do me the honor of marrying me?”. . .
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